Domestic Compy
Jurassic Park Diorama Artist

"race TO THE embryos"

- DILOPHOSAURUS is the least
of Their worries!
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Roland (screaming): Shoot at the bloody thing.

(Dan points at the dilophosaur and shoots.)


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Roland: Jones! Are you alright?.........Jones!

Dan (running at the dilophosaur and screaming): Get away , go away. 

Jones: Ahhhh whhhhhh what happened , what......I .......I CAN'T SEE!!!

Roland: We bought some time by scaring it off. We've got to get out of here. Grab my hand. 

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Jones (screaming in panic): It's behind us, that's hunting us. No, me

Dan ( yelling at the top of his lungs): Run, as fast as you can............

(Just then Roland loses his grip on Jones.)

Jones (In panic) Ahhhhhhhh, noooo stop! You must stop!

(Jones tries to run, but with his lack of vision, he trips over a fallen tree.)

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(A thud can be heard coming his way!)

Jones (screaming): Roland?  Dan? Is that you....?.......Oh no! GET AWAY!!!

Dilophosaur: Roar.

(Just then Jones hears the footsteps of another, not human creature.)

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Jones (thinking to himself): They cant see me if I keep low, I hope.

Dilophosaur: hoot , roar.

Velociraptor: AR ARRR RAURRWWW.

(The raptor leaped in the air and landed on top of the dilophosaurus. Jones could hear the two beasts fight to the death right in front of him.)

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(The raptor pined the dilophosaur down with its foot and dug its long footed claw into the opponents stomach, killing it.)

Raptor (snarling in victory): Wrarrrrwww!!!

(Jones heard the sounds of others coming, a pack was on its way, it was not a victory call but a communications call.)

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(In a flash, Jones felt a sharp pain in his side, then he realized, the fight was not just for the hell of it, it was for control of who shall feed upon him.)

Jones (screaming in pain) : AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

(The alpha male raptor burst out of the jungle, answering the call of the other, and with that Jones realized it was over for him...)


To be continued...

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