Domestic Compy
Jurassic Park Diorama Artist

"race TO THE embryos"


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Jones (throwing his gun over his shoulder to rest): They're here somewhere.

Dan :...and trying to take what is left of the embryos. Well, I can just hear the plane flying off. Looks like we can't turn back now!

Jones: Who is this team they're working for again?

Mysterious Voice: Biosyn, yes Biosyn. The bloody fools want to take the embryos off Sorna and create their own Jurassic Park.

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Dan: Ahh, yes! Roland Tembo! So why did InGen call you back to this place?

Roland Tembo: Well for one, I am the only one foolish fool to return to the island, with a hefty pay-check of course. I also know the place quite well.

Jones: Well guys, lets move out. Before we get hunted, that is!


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..........One hour later..........

Roland (reading from the field guide): The guide InGen gave us says we are in Dilophosaurus hunting grounds. We have to get out of here, Jones. Says that "Dilos" have weak jaws, but that they can easily kill a man. One of these lizards killed a man by the name of Dennis Nedry in the original Park.

Dan: A what? Diloplots? Dilosarow? Dilorrhea?  What the hell is that thing again?

(a loud twig snaps as something walks about in the jungle, then an odd noise calls out from the brush ahead)

Roland: Shhhhhhh what was that.....did you hear it, it almost sounded like the hooting of an owl...

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(The dinosaur burst out of the jungle and stood looking at the men.)

Dilophosaurus: Hoot, hooo hooo hooot....

Roland: Everyone keep quiet!

Dan (aims his rifle at the dinosaur): I am going to guess that is a diloplots.

Jones: Sure looks harmless to me. Are you sure it killed that Dennis guy?

Roland: Shut up, idiot! Keep quiet and move very slowly.

( The dilophosaur stares them down, just waiting  to make its ......)

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( move!....... the dinosaur spits its blinding venom directly in Jones's face>)

Jones ( drops his rifle): Ahhhhhhhh! AHHHHHHHHHHH!


To be continued...

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