Jurassic Park:
Isla Sorna Adventure
Domestic Compy
Copyright 2001

    "There it goes again, Dr. Hodge! come quick!" yelled Tony Tyler in fear and excitement all rolled into one. Tony was a largely built man dressed in khaki clothing from head to toe, wearing a big hat and boots. Tony was the chief advisor of the "Five Death’s" (as the locals call it) at InGen, studying the island of Isla Sorna.    
    Isla Sorna was InGen’s site B for the animals. They were bred and raised on Sorna until they were old enough to be sent to the park. This park was not a normal, run of the mill park with play things and pavilions. It was a zoo. A zoo unlike any other in the world. In this park were actual living, breathing dinosaurs.
    "Tony, Tony my dear boy. What is it now?" Dr. Vince Hodge called across the room from his office. Dr. Hodge was a thin, lanky man wearing khaki jeans, an off-white shirt and a bright red InGen’s Jurassic Park cap. Dr. Hodge was a well respected, older man in the InGen workplace and had been the chief supervisor of InGen since John Hammond passed away.
    "Look at its structure! No wonder these things can't fly," said the taller man standing next to Tony. "Alan Grant, a paleo expert like myself, said the same thing," he continued. The taller man was John Howard, leader of the paleontology division at InGen. Dressed in a rather odd gray shirt with green stripes and khaki pants, he stood in awe looking at the radar screen. "Could be a large carnivore, but you never know until you see it for yourself," said Howard. They could now hear the footsteps of large boots coming their way.

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    "What is it? That large creature you thought you spotted before, Tony?" said Dr. Hodge sarcastically.
    "Doc, I would appreciate if you would look at this on the screen," said Tony and Howard almost at the same time.
    As he bent over and squinted his eyes, Dr. Hodge saw a large red dot moving quite fast on the radar screen. The screen showed an overhead view of Isla Sorna, enabling InGen to watch the dinosaur's every move in case any of the creatures tried to escape to the mainland.
   "Well I’ll be damned!" said Dr.Hodge. "There is something quite big moving out there." He studied the strange shape on the screen intently. "Look at the size of that thing. It must be the size of a building.  If it wasn’t for that accident in San Deigo we would have been shut down, and look what is happening out there. They're breeding even more. It's a good thing we're still here to see all this and prepare ourselves ."

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    The three men walked over to a table to their right and watched Dr. Hodge study new weaponry and tools for the mission that inevitably lay ahead of them. Dr. Hodge explained to them that a research team had to venture to Isla Sorna in order to prevent this large unknown dinosaur from escaping to the other islands of the "Five Deaths," and also to learn as much as possible about the prehistoric creatures which inhabited this island as possible. Joined by another man named Mike Morgan, they examined the weapons.
    "So you like um……" said Mike. Mike Morgan was a builder. He enjoyed fixing cars and even creating his own field vehicles for expeditions, much like the one on which Tony and Howard were about to embark. "That is the poison tipped dart shooting rifle. Rather silly name but you get the idea of what it does. I made and designed it myself for very dangerous encounters," he said as Dr. Hodge held up a powerful looking rifle.
    "Yes, yes this will do just right, as will they all," Dr. Hodge intoned softly, impressed with Mike's technical skill.

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    "Let me show you some more of my work for your research team" Mike said with a twinkle in his eye as if he were a 3 year old child opening his new bike for Christmas. Walking over to a dark green Humvee, Mike turned to the group and began to ramble on and on about what it was capable of doing. " It is complete with a radio inside the vehicle for communication between the two cars, and a radar scanner with a ten mile scanning radius. But the first team of explorers also used gas powered cars and, well...from the stories Ian Malcolm told on Good Morning America, they didn’t last long," said Tony with almost a chill. " Did I say gas powered cars……..no. These are 100% electrical powered, almost as quiet as a bicycle."

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    The technician continued showing off his inventions. "Here is my pride and joy, the Explorer," he exclaimed, and pointed to a green car painted with camouflage." Complete with a radio, two motion sensors, and infra red night-vision goggles in the glove compartment. It's made of solid titanium and---"
    "I’m sorry for my intrusion Mike, but if you don’t leave now, you’ll miss your flight," interrupted Dr. Hodge. "And by the way, Mike. Pack your bags. You're going with them."

To be continued.....

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